Southwest Spirits rebrand

What it is:

Southwest Spirits, the proud producer of Nue Vodka, Calamity Gin, Hill Billy and The Other 49 Bourbon, approached us for a rebranding that resonates with their core values. Inspired by a poignant saying from the CEO's mother – 'You give your children roots and wings' – we embarked on creating a new visual identity. Our design concept was a harmonious blend of a rising phoenix and the grounding roots of a tree. This powerful imagery encapsulated the spirit of Southwest Spirits: the people as wings elevating the company, the brands forming the supportive body, and their mission and values as the guiding roots. The result was a brand aesthetic that not only symbolizes growth and ascent but also remains firmly rooted in foundational principles.

What it entailed:
  • Branding
  • Sales tools
  • Social